Funny nails

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Funny cats nails design
Funny-Fun Nails: Doing your nails can be so much fun, it’s no wonder people can get carried away. Here are some cute and quirky novelty nail designs that will keep you, your friends (and maybe even your cat or your dog) looking primped and proper! A fan of the Simpsons? Not a problem! If you’re […] Read more

Amazing choices of Nail Stickers

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3D Nail Art Sticker Rose
Five¬†Reasons Nail Stickers Beat Painting Your Nails! If you’re crazy about your nails you know that making sure they look in tip-top shape takes a lot of work. You need to file, cut, and smooth the tips, trim and moisturize the cuticles, and then paint the nails carefully, finishing with a strengthener or a protective […] Read more